AboutAbout Accurate Grading & Demolition

With over 15 years of stone setting experience, Accurate Grading & Demolition sets the standard for one-stop shop paving stone contractors in San Diego. Having been the most-hired company to help set paving stones for stone retailers and distributors in San Diego, Accurate has noticed a large majority of companies employing the help of outsourced contractors to set their stones.


While outsourcing contractors may benefit the proivder, it doesn’t benefit the client. Not only does this practice introduce a higher margin for error in the project, but it also blurs all lines of communication between clients, workers, and providers. With customer satisfaction in mind at the beginning and end of every project, Accurate Grading & Paving doesn’t take any chances.

Our goal is to deliver a product that will not only satisfy our customers, but increase their property value and heighten the level of aesthetic appeal! We do this by paving what we sell, ourselves.

Accurate Grading & Paving is San Diego’s one-stop shop for all your paving needs.