Although Accurate Grading and Demolition is a newer company the owners at Accurate Grading have over 28 years of Demolition experience. Our Demolition experience go from the small removals of concrete sidewalks, interior selective Demolition, pools, houses landscaping, retaining walls to the Demolition of city blocks and Buildings. Our vast experience of Demolition can be selective in a store where we are in the public eye or removing entire bulidings. All of our experience in Demolition over the last 28 years goes into every project we perform. You can ask us for a list of projects we have completed and we are sure you will have seen us perform at some point right in front of your eyes.

Sometimes you need to tear down the old before you can build something better – and when you do, Accurate is there to help. Whether you need to clear your site of native vegetation, demolish concrete, or pulverize an old, worn-out asphalt pavement, Accurate is the demolition contractor that has the tools and experience necessary to do the job right.

Our crews have experience in hard and soft demolition with our main emphasis on site demolition. It takes a unique organization to anticipate the costs and quantity of debris generated from a demolition project. The possible unknowns can unfortunately increase demolition costs. Accurate takes the time to thoroughly and accurately assess each demolition project and its corresponding costs.

Why choose Accurate for Demolition?

Modern & Safe Equipment

Make sure projects are completed efficiently and on time by using the best equipment and our proven methods.

Environmentally Friendly

Material will be sorted and recycled to the greatest extent possible.

Don't Sweat the Clean Up

Our crew will take care of everything from step one, you won’t even have to lift a finger!