Fine GradingFine Grading

Accurate’s crews can provide grading to the precise elevations necessary, a controlling factor for a finished surface, allowing for a smooth transition to the next phase of construction. An experienced team with equipment, operators, and grade checkers who works well together can set the stage for the successful completion of your project. Whether you are fine grading for a drainage swale or a finished hard surface such as PCC flatwork, our team can achieve proper grades efficiently and accurately.

What are the benefits of Grading?

Down to Every Detail

Fine grading is the fine shaping of land or a lot, after mass (rough) grading has been completed.

Save Water & Money

Homeowners use thousands of gallons of water per year keeping their lawns healthy & green.

Revamp Your Land

Have unusable land due to a slant, slope, or hill? Flatten it out to get the patio area you’ve always wanted, or to build something new.