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Grading is an important part of any good paving company’s performance. Grading is the movement of dirt or base material to achieve the proper elevations prior to paving. However, there are several different scales or levels of grading, depending on the job. For example, there is rough grading, which often involves large pieces of heavy equipment, such as bulldozers and scrapers (large earth-moving machines). The second type of grading is called “Fine Grading,” where the dirt grade is +/- .10′ or 1.2 inches from the desired finish grade. This type of grading is necessary to smooth and compact the finish surface in order to be ready to receive asphalt. If the dirt surface is not almost perfect, the new asphalt to be placed will mirror the grade as it has been left. Thus, an up and down dirt surface will leave an up and down surface on the finished asphalt.