Capri Retaining WallRetaining Walls

Retaining walls are used in many Southern California landscape designs in order to conform soil to a desirable level and elevation. Often homeowners will find the need to level a portion their backyard to accommodate a patio cover, guesthouse or cabana, structures which require a large flat footprint. Many homeowners underestimate the complexities of building a retaining wall, and some may even consider their construction a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) candidate. Many people don’t realize how much knowledge and skill are required to correctly calculate the weight and pressure of the soil behind the wall.

If built correctly, a retaining wall can be a permanent and attractive solution, adding beauty and value to your home! At Accurate Grading & Paving we have built retaining walls all over San Diego County, expanding living space and increasing property values with every brick, block and boulder.

Patio Retaining WallThere are many different types of walls used in residential landscaping including gravity walls, cantilever retaining walls, sheet pile retaining walls, anchored retaining wall, and counterfort retaining walls. Our team of design experts can explain your options fully and completely before you commit to anything. We consider form and function both of massive importance at Accurate. Our team of outdoor living experts can adorn your wall with attractive plantlife to help it blend into your existing landscape design flawlessly, effortlessly, creating more livable space for you and your family to enjoy.

What are the benefits of
Retaining Walls?


No More Sloping Landscapes

Hilly landscapes are no match for paver retaining walls. A pavers retaining wall not only looks beautiful, but provides a solution to sloping landscapes.

Get Creative

Accurate can help you envision the many creative ways you can use pavers and wall block in your outdoor spaces.

Match Natural Elements

Retaining walls pavers are the perfect fit for your natural elements. Accurate Grading & Paving, with it’s certified landscape designers and landscape architects, can provide the options and expertise necessary to create your ultimate wall pavers solution.