San Diego Synthetic Turf & EZ Hybrid Turf Installation

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Say Goodbye to Upkeep

You don’t have to worry about watering, mowing, weeding, fertilizing, pesticides, allergies, and muddy paw prints.

Save Water & Money

Homeowners use thousands of gallons of water per year keeping their lawns healthy & green.

Safe for Everybody

For 40 years, under EPA oversight and OSHA-regulated manufacturing, not one person has ever reported ill effects related to any materials associated with synthetic turf.

Synthetic Turf

Real grass is costly to keep looking beautiful. It requires water, maintenance, fertilizer-and even when you try your hardest, sometimes your best just isn’t good enough and you are left with an ugly, patchy lawn despite your best efforts. Synthetic turf allows homeowners to have green, flawless grass 365 days a year. In the driest heat of summer and in the wettest months of winter your backyard will be graced with the same green, natural-looking grass, and you will never be plagued by weeds, mud or lawnmowers ever again! Read more about Synthetic Turf

EZ Hybrid Turf

EZ Hybrid Turfs revolutionary design allows for natural grass to grow right on up and blend in with the synthetic turf to create a natural look and feel. It helps to combine the positives of natural grass and artificial turf rather than having to compromise by using one or the other. Read more about EZ Hybrid Turf

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